[February 18, 2004]


Yummo. Mostly.

Eyes: Closing
Ears: Fairground Attraction - Perfect
Mood: Contented

Oooh, ahh. This little table of food was what me and the girls (Vi, Ju and Jo) had for dinner. And all for under $30. Swweeeet. Oh, the steamer tray of little red bean paste dumplings aren't in the shot since they weren't ready. But frankly, they're not great anyway. So they can jolly well be out of the pic, hey hey?

Twas another nice day out. Met up with Jo in the arvo and had lunch and coffee. Not to mention bitch about boyfriends and anything else we could think about. The girl was supposed to only hang around till dinnertime when I was to meet Vi and Ju, but stayed on after a call from her vati saying that he wouldn't be meeting her in town to pass her the groceries she left at home over the weekend - rotting dragonfruit, I have no doubt. :D After that, it was the usual process of hohuming, none of us being assertive enough to decide on a place to eat/gab at, until probably 1/2 hour later when we made out way to Din Tai Fung at Paragon to feast on what you see above.

It's probably the last time I'm meeting up with anyone before I leave for Newy again this friday, but even so, I'm glad that it's been a good day. Doing the 'traditional' dinner at Ponderosa tomorrow night with the fam, before heading to those neoprint machines with Cher for some happy shots. Can't wait.

Hrm, I should probably start to pack my luggage now, I guess. Or maybe it'll wait till tomorrow. I mean, how hard can it be? I only have have a camera tripod, a 1kg tin of biscuits, magazines and books and other miscellaneous items on top of what I originally brought back with me from Aus to stuff into the suitcase, which has not expanded over time.

Lordy, I may need help.

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