[February 16, 2004]


I'm trigger happy. Whoo!

Eyes: David Flushfeder - The Gift
Ears: Max barking at something. Probably a bike.
Mood: Zippy.

Whoooohooo!! I finally got my camera, and I'm loving it! It's a Fujifilm Finepix S5000 with a 10x Optical Zoom. *floats on air* Effective megapixels aren't fantastic at 3.1, but oh well. I mean, c'mon. I can't gripe since my old Olympus was a measly 1.3mp. Bah. Here's a piccy of my new baby below.

Hoo-hum. Valentine's day has just passed and I'm proud to say I spent not a cent on any overpriced crap. Well, it sort of helps that James is all the way in Newy AND doesn't believe in all the commercial hogwash either, I guess. Vi did gimme a lovely little TY Jingle Baby though, in the spirit of the day, and it's adorabible. *coos* The meet-up was great, and it was a girl's night out, as expected. I mean, it was nothing but gabbing, and food and tons of chocolate at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, situated somewhere on the ground floor of the Esplanade. A girl's in heaven with good hanes and aphrodisiacs that come in dark, milk and white. Got some shots on Vi's digicam too, but she has yet to email them over. I'll post them when I get 'em - if I don't look too gross in them. Did I mention I met up with Dan before meeting up with the girls (Vi and Ju) on Friday? You can't shake my bbb off. He's a persistant one. (It's a compliment, Dan.) Had a lovely arvo with him over soup and coffee bitching about relationships and other stuff. Most enlightening.

Hey Dan, have a good trip back to Melbourne, y'hear?? And pay me a visit one of these good ol' days. Preferably before you graduate from bloody uni and never step foot into Ausland again. I mean, c'mon. It's only interstate!

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