[March 07, 2004]


I'm still alive, sadly.

Eyes: Rem Koolhaas - S, M, L, XL (It's for work, damnit!)
Ears: WGMC - Rochester's Jazz Station
Mood: Tired and bloody frustrated with anything to do with urbanism

It's been a fair while since I last updated here and such a fair bit's been happening. I'm back in Newy and back into the thick of things at uni, For crying out loud, I'm stuck in the middle of a 5 week group project on urban planning (with presentations each week, no less!). Had a bit of a drama at the storage place after setting off a false alarm when I was moving my stuff out, at least the deposit I was supposed to get back cancelled out the false alarm call fee. But really, SNP Security should really try to do better than 20 minutes for call response time. Tut tut. Well, yes, among all the hoo-haa happening, I could hardly be blamed for not unpacking all my stuff in the first few days of moving back to Bara, could I? It's pretty much unpacked now - thank goodness! I'll add the photos in a bit.

On another note, I've been missing home lately. Weird isn't it? I've only been back in Newy for 3 weeks now. It always happens though. Was out doing the laundry today and as I was out, saw a big group of asians (assuming Singaporean) gathering on the fifth floor. Kind of makes me feel bitter about how I don't seem to really fit in with my fellow countrymen in a foreign land. I don't think I've that full of myself that I'm scaring people away, but somehow, I don't get really friendly vibes from them. Maybe I'm just overly judgemental, hey? Slap me with a wet fish if I am. Bah.

Well, was just clearing out my xD-card memory, and dug up this photo that I took while at Ah-ma's place.

Makes me miss home and all its associations. I AM a heartlander at heart, after all.

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