[February 03, 2004]


Tonight's the night.

Eyes: On an email saying my visa application's approved
Ears: Silence
Mood: Satisfied

It's finally settled.

After days of indecision on most parts, I'm finally meeting up with Mark and Ju tonight for some gabs and dinner.

What to wear?!?! Argh! So many decisions, so little time.

(Good gawd, did I sound so superficial there, or what?)

Here's hoping we'll have a good time. A few dirty martinis won't be too bad either. There should be a lot to catch up on, seeing I haven't met up with them for more than a year. Two phone calls to Ju in Perth does not really give me a lot.

I think the black halter with the sheer top over would go well with my bootcut jeans, no? And earrings! Gotta find a good pair.

Did I mention I'm a sucker for earrings? Especially the dangly kinds. Don't they just scream feminine charm? Ooo-la-la.

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