[Sunday, Feb. 01, 2004]


Wtf is the English name for kangkong?

Eyes: Elizabeth Castro - Html for the World Wide Web (5th ed.)
Ears: Diana Krall - Autumn Leaves
Mood: Numb

It's late, and I'm full. Full of food, drink, and thoughts.

Food: Went to Thai Express and had stick noodles with birdeye chilli and chicken (nah-nah, avian flu can't catch me!), shared a bowl of tom yum soup with Cher and a plate of kangkong (I'm sorry, but I have yet to figure out the English name for that veg).

Drink: too many glasses of water, and a very badly done Tropical Zest slushie from Café Cartel.

Thoughts: That I have a boyfriend who's too needy and is handling the whole long distance situation far worse than I am, and that I need money and have no means to get it, short of robbing a bank or getting a job - neither of which I'm really intending to do.

Why do I need dosh? Have to meet up with old classmates come Tues. But then again, it's not really set in stone, as it is. Lin's working now and if I know her, she's probably enjoying every minute of it. Texted me to say she won't be free on Tue, and probably the week, but will get back to me about it - of which she hasn't. Mark's good about Tues, and so is Ju. Seems it'll just be the 3 of us gabbing at some seedy café then.

On the boyfriend front, it's getting rather draining to constantly reassure him that I'm still committed to this relationship. I've stopped blogging for him (I have a blog that I write just for him) mainly because all I seem to write in it nowadays are recollections of what I did during the week. And all this he has heard from our coversations we have twice a week, long distance. I used to write my thoughts and feelings, but now I just can't seem to find the words that fit, because I never know what words he might take the wrong way. I never have an issue writing what I feel in this blog, even with people I know reading it, because unlike other people that read my blog here, he tends to read more into the words than what they are, and what he thinks and feels affects me more than other people's thoughts and feelings.

He doesn't know of this blog, and maybe in time I will tell him of it. But not now. In a while.

In other news, just found out that Anj has moved back to Bara and is happily settled; if not completely unpacked from Toronto. I always forget that she and the med fac have a completely different semester timetable than the rest of the uni. Speaking to her makes me wish I was back there now, getting into the action of campus life again. Holidays are good fun, but the grass is always greener on the other side, and now I'm pining to be back at classes again, just so I can cut them.

Will endeavour to sleep now, even though it's only slightly past midnight (Happy GroundHog day!!). Cher's caught the cold (so we in the family suspect) and I think it's passed on to me. Very likely, since I've been sharing her bed while my room undergoes some major leakage repairs.

So good night, world. Be safe.

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