[April 15, 2004]


Say it isn't so!

Eyes: Central Sydney Local Environmental Plan 1996
Ears: Ash - Kung Fu
Mood: Irritated. And itchy.

My face feels flushed and itchy AGAIN. If you had read my previous entries about an itchy face (here, and here, and here), you would know what I'm going through now. Haven't done anything stupid like using the accused facewash again (DIE, Garnier, DIEEEE!!!), but my face is still going nuts with itching! Must be the peach I had last. Hrm.

Tis something to ponder. *strokes imaginary beard*

Anyhoos. Went to the gym today, did a full 30 minutes of running on the threadmill (whee for me!) and upper body weights. Arms aren't exactly killing me now - which is probably a good thing seeing how I have to wield a pen/pencil to come up with a conceptual design for the highrise sometime soon; wouldn't exactly have the time to do anything productive, what with the carefree holidaying with the family once they get to Australia on Saturday. Met Liza (fellow Singaporean classmate) in the cardio room at the gym, and had the joyeous news from her that all the books regarding the urban report we have to write are all out. Great. I can't do anything, even if I wanted to.

Not that I really want to.

*itch itch*

Just downloaded a whole stack of planning info the Sydney council has kindly put up online. And it's drab and boring and has waaaaaaay too many pages (300+ in total?) but I have to skim through to get what I need.

I'm tired.

And I do love a good whinge.


I would post a photo of myself up here with an increasingly red/blotchy face, but I think people do not deserve to see the nightmarish sight, even if they'd commited a carnal sin today. So I'll spare you.

In other news, I'm going to be getting a new mattress on the 19th! What joy! It's supposedly thicker, and more luxurious than the one I have now. Then again, practically anything would be better than the crap mattress I currently have. I mean, you can literally feel every coil of spring when you're on it. About time you handed us 4th floor residents something good, Bara administrators! *shakes fist in air*

Well, it's back to reading the crap LEP and more scratching. Wish me luck that both the reading and itching will be done with soon.


*itch itch itch*

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