[April 13, 2004]


I've just devoured my third Lindt dark chocolate bunny. 60% cocoa. Whee!

Eyes: Pokémon Ruby on the GBA - currently at Petalburg Gym.
Ears: Beautiful South - Rotterdam
Mood: Lazy and very contented

Just finished watching the Coen Brother's version of The Ladykillers, which I must say, is a rather disappointing and painful movie to sit through. Didn't actually download it for myself; had a Thai dinner take-out session with Anj and Stacy (the RA for the 4th floor), with apple crumble and ice-cream for dessert after. All really good and bloody filling. So yes, I'm a happy camper with a lot to work off at the gym tomorrow morning.

Speaking of gymming, I really should be keeping a food diary and actually tracking my progression/regression over time. Been doing alternating upper and lower body days, and always at least a 30 minute cardio workout each time. Can't really say that I've seen much physical results yet, but bloody hell, I sure feel good stepping off the threadmill!

Haven't started much (or rather, ANY) work on the highrise, nor the urban environment report as yet. Really should get into it, since I'll probably be overly wrapped up with entertaining and just having an overall good time next week when the family gets down to Australia for convocation. Can't wait for it though, 3 nights in a Sydney hotel with heaps of shopping, and then it's back in Newy with the family. Cher should be bunking in with me for a night (so we can game on the PS2 all night!), and I think it's pretty much all go for the dinner with James' family. That's probably the only thing I'm not looking forward to, seeing that I'd probably be the one interpreting most of what one party's saying to the other most of the time. Hope it'll go off without a hitch though. Fingers crossed!

Well, that's about all there is for now. Nothing exciting happening around here at the moment - most of the people are either away holidaying somewhere or just too pissed drunk to be much of a nuisance or source of amusement. James is well and away at Homebush - he's staying at his grams' while he works in Sydney. Haven't actually heard from him tonight about how work has gone on his first day, so I'm sort of worried about it. He might have been really stressed out and probably got drunk before he could call me tonight. Hrm.

On a parting note, I'll leave you with a piccy of James' pooch. She really is more a 'dog' than a 'pooch'. Gypsy's her name and she's a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Really nice when she wants to be (which is not often!), but gawd, I hate it when she jumps on me. And the slobber! The slobber!!!! Heh.

Took this shot when I was at his house on Easter Sunday. There's a couple of other shots taken round his house too, mainly of flowers and the garden. Might post them up on my Buzznet site sometime soon.

Till then, have a blessed and belated Easter. Drive safe, you lot.

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