[February 05, 2004]


Up yours? It's up mine, as we speak.

Eyes: Dwell Jan/Feb 2004, page 54
Ears: Jonathan Maron - Natural High
Mood: Irritated

I'm in some level of hell at this very moment. Actually, since lunch time at 1, to be exact.

If any of you have ever had the experience of having any food particle lodged somewhere in your nasal passage after it accidentally got sniffed UPWARDS along the throat other than down (Where it should have gone in the first place, the bastard!!), you'll know the agony I'm in. Tried to snort it out (for lack of a better description), cough it out, drown it down with fluids....nothing's working! And so it's 3-ish in the morning again and I'm up with a badly inflamed throat and a right nostril that wouldn't stop running.


It's happened before, yes it has, but the discomfort generally doesn't last for more than 1/2 hour or so since I've always managed to get the food particle down somehow. Oh no, not this time, though! The damn thing is not budging, and I'm all achy and tearing and in general discomfort cos of it.

Bah humbug.

Since I can't get to bed (throat's not allowing me to), I think I'll stay up reading. Just got my new issue of Dwell and I'm devouring over it with the usual amount of vigour I give it. It really is a beautifully pieced/edited publication. Something for the post-modernist in all of us.

Besides, it's allowing me to familiarise with names outside of the usual archi circles that are always named in AR (Architectural Review).

Egad, gotta go! The nose is pissing the living shites out of me. Besides, my Lifebook's on battery life at the mo, and it's dangerously low.

Curses to you people asleep soundly right now!!!! Argh.

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