[February 04, 2004]


Of this and that.

Eyes: Pokémon Ruby on the GBA
Ears: the Sootopolis town music (Pokemon Ruby)
Mood: lazy

Firstly, I just reread my last entry, and omg, I think I must have been in one of my moods again. That and blogging at 3 in the morning with nothing else around really does not make for a chirpy entry.

I'm good now, so shall we proceed?

An update on a previous blog entry. Stef from da*xiang has wonderfully informed me that *gasp* there is an english name for the veg, kang kong. You ready for this? It's called water convolvulus. Good gawd. It sounds waaay unedible. It's also called water spinach. Think I'll stick to that. Oooo, can't wait to try it out on the hawkers!

I think I'm down with the cold. So is Cher. She's having a day off school since she went to the doc's last night and weaseled out an MC from him. She's having it worse than I am, though. Just a few minutes ago, she was cracking some joke about having to get the boss out. By that, she was refering to blowing out the biggest wad of snot from her nose. Not very pretty, but very aptly put. :)

Both of us slept in till 1 today. Great fun. Sloth-like, but great fun. Especially to wake up to lunch. I mean, after all, we're sick. Cut us some slack.

Been trying to listen to internet radio, but the measly 56k connection I'm using here at home is letting me do pididle with it. Oh, how I long for being back on LAN again at uni! Just 18 days more to go. I think I can hold out till then.

Will miss my hamster though. Just got him in December, and already I have to go. Considering a hamster's lifespan is around 2 years, I'm going to be out of the picture for half his lifetime. Gee, that sucks. But he IS the cutest little ball of fur I've ever gotten, and he doesn't nibble. Unless he thinks your finger's food.

Thinking of walking the dogs with Cher to ECP later, but it all depends if the weather holds out. It's been pretty good these past few days; no rain in sight. Max desperately needs a good run - he's being going ballistic at home chewing all the cardboard boxes in the backyard to shreds. And Syd always loves to get out anyway. Hrmm, think we'll make the trip in the evening. Yay, I get to go to the beach. I LOVE the sand and the waves. Granted, beaches in Singapore are nothing compared to the ones back in Newy (and anywhere else in Aus, I'll wager) but it's still sand and sea spray galore.)

I think I'll get a softserve from Mackers at the beach - it's only 25c. Tempting, but damn, I got to watch my diet. I can't afford to go up the scales anymore. Need to go down, down, down. I'll start my pilatés again once I'm back at Bara.

For now, I think I will cave and get that 25c cone after all.

(I'm sooooooo bad.)

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