[Friday, Jan. 30, 2004]


New year, fresh start.

Eyes: Sőseki Natsume - I am a Cat
Ears: Hefner - Level Green (Blue States Mix)
Mood: Indifferent

It's nearly a month into the new year, and it's my first entry to date. Oh joy. Recently decided to reward myself with a Gold membership here at diaryland, so I've uped and moved here from my old blog.

It's been pouring here for the past few weeks, and the papers are saying that this is the wettest January we've had in the country for 30 years. Not that I mind, really. I adore the rain, it's the leakages into my room and the peeling paint that I hate. My newly painted room of less than a year old looks like crap now. Bloody hell. At least the guy's coming to do something about it soon, so I'm temporarily appeased.

A new year isn't really a new year until resolutions are made - at least, that's how I feel anyway, so below's a list of resolutions I made for myself this year:

[*] To lose weight, gawd damn it! I'm not going to give a set amount since I know I'll probably be unrealistic about it.

[*] To brush up on my html and css, and make myself at least a diaryland template (amongst other things) by the end of the year.

[*] To not flunk my first sem. Weird as it sounds, I'm actually terrified of going back to uni. It's my 4th year, and you do hear such things about the 4t and 5t year in archi at uni. For one thing, enrollment's cut by at a third from 3rd year. And it's mainly cos people decide to either work for a year, travel, change courses, or (gasp!) drop out. Let's hope that I get tutors whose taste in design is subjective to my benefits.

[*] To save up enough money for a trip to another Aussie state. Criteria for trip: two way ticket, at least 4d/3n, staying in motel/hotel. That's a lot of saving to do, considering I have close to none right now, and I don't want to have to live on crackers and dip for the whole trip.

[*] To remain conflict free with Vatti. It's not the best relationship I'm having with Vatti, but that's how it is. I'll just rather bite my tongue off before I retort to any of his statements.

[*] To get my P-plates, or at least my Ls! It's not annoying me so much that I can't drive - I still have James, or cabs/buses/feet around - but I do admit that it's more convenient getting from point A to B with a car at some weird hour of the night. Not that there's ANYWHERE to go in the middle of the night in Newy.

[*] To be less of a shut-in, and go out more! I mean, what IS wrong with me?! I'm in a foreign country, with lots of beautiful people, cheap booze, AND no parents! I must be mad.

Well, that's pretty much it I think. No point getting over enthusiastic about it. Being realistic is the key. *nods head sagely* Luck to me, luck to me!

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