Glossary: The terms.

Eyes: Seeing
Ears: Listening
Mood: Feeling

This is for the benefit of those who aren't familiar with some of the terms that I've used in my blog entries, may they be abbreviations or local slang. Besides, I like to compile stuff. It's fun, and I really have nothing better to do with my life.

Bamix: For the uninitiated, this is only the best handheld food processor there is in the world! Check it out here. I mean, really, there can be no compromise! All my fav slushie recipes are done with my trusty bamix. Mmm.

Bara: Short for Barahineban, the residence hall I'm staying at on campus. It's named after an aboriginal word which meaning I can't seem to recall right now.) It opened the year I moved in (2001), and I'm still there, in the same room - 4 years straight!

Bubbletea: My absolute favourite non-alcoholic beverage. Originated in Taiwan, it's basically tea with tapioca balls in it. Can be flavoured with various syrups. I think I need one right now just writing about it. Yes, it does have such a hold over me.

Dosh/dough/ka-chings/moolah: $$$. Money. I mean, really now. It's the universal language. Really.

Goss: Gossip. Hanes. The scoop. You get the idea.

JC: Junior college. It's pretty much the equivalent of the last 2 years of high school, where most of the students are 17-18 years of age. I went to Catholic Junior College, and by graduation, that made up 14 years of education for me in a catholic school.

Jeszy: Jesmond. Actually, it's Stockland Mall at Jesmond. Place where most uni students living on campus go to do their shopping. Not that there's anything great there (there isn't even a Starbucks! And no, Gloria Jean's in not a worthy subsitute), but it's the nearest place.

LB: My wonder Fujitsu LifeBook (model LB-S6130). My Presario was great, but I finally have my own LB! Whee!!! :P

Mackers: When the locals call McDonalds in Australia. At least those that I know. I'm starting to use that term too, and it's weird when the counter staff here in SG don't know what you're talking about when you ask for a soft-serve. Soft-serve?? OOooo, you mean ice-cream cone! D'oh.

Newy: Newcastle. The city.Not the one in Canada nor the one in the UK. When I refer to Newy, it's generally the one where I'm living in. In New South Wales, Australia. Unless stated otherwise.

S'pore/SG: Singapore. Home, and where I grew up as a citizen. For those not geographically inclined, it's the little dot of a country right below Malaysia in S.E Asia.

Woolies: Woolworths. Local supermarket chain. Main competitor to Coles. Tip: get your fresh foods from Woolies and other stuff from Coles.

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