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I'm turning 23 this year and am hating it. I am asian (of chinese descend to be exact), am 5'6, have brown eyes and hair that's been dyed once too many. I'm impulsive, quick tempered, tempremental, and on most days, neurotic. Originally from Singapore, I hopped very happily on a plane back in '01 after 20 years in a over-protected and somewhat monotanous environment to Newcastle, Australia, where I am currently in my fourth year at uni doing architecture. Am living on campus in a no-frills but mod-con accessorised room with too many plants on my corridor railing, and Anj living directly across the quad from me. People say I'm extroverted, but I know I'm not. Not really. I haven't gone out clubbing once last year, and my party count stands at an average 2.183 per year. I drink like a fish (a small guppy), get red from booze, and don't drive. My mates think that it's a waste and pity that I'm sober and am in the passenger seat after every soiree. I prefer lazy days and nights - preferably rainy - a good read and heaps of chillout or jazz tunes.

My sister, who's 10 years younger than I am. Even with the age difference, we're terribly close. For crying out loud, we trade Pokémon on our GBAs. She's boiterous and mad around the people she likes, and as meek as a mouse with people she doesn't or don't know. A many giggles I have had whenever someone comments on how quiet she is. She keeps me sane and updated with all the family goss over IMs when I'm out of the country. Oh sister, how I adore thee! (At this, she probably will start gagging.)

Boyfriend, and most probably soulmate. I say most probably since there are times when I could just throttle him for the things he does/says. He has dirty blond hair, green eyes (even if he thinks they're hazel - admit it, guys don't know their colours) and is exactly a month younger than I am, a full head taller, a couple sizes bigger, and waay too sooky and sentimental for his own good. SNAG? One ponders over it. We've been together for over a year and a half now, and haven't had any major tiffs, which is probably a good sign. Being a brooder, he does get a little drama queen on me sometimes, and his love for scotch whiskey, especially when he's in a mood, doesn't help. But hey, he's mine, and I love him nontheless.

The irrepressible Joanna. This girl is dynamite as a friend. Known her since our secondary school days, we've somehow managed to forge a tight friendship over the different cliqués and circumstances. She's one of the few people that I still meet up with religously when I fly home. Claims to want to be a coporate slave when she's done with her honours at NUS, but I think she's looking for something more to life. What it is, I couldn't say. I still remember (fondly!) those days when we would just hang and people watch while sipping our mocha frappés while busily bitching about anything and everything. And while nowadays, the frappés have changed to alchoholic beverages of some description, the bitching and comraderie remains. What joy!

An old friend from school days. With this bird, I've gone through many a scrapes. Adolescence, hormones, and a healthy curiousity about things unknown sure make for many laughs. I'm her unofficial security blanket and back-up plan for many an adventure, and I throughly loved it! This girl's oh-so-gifted in the way of artistic creativity, she's rightly gone to LaSalle to further her interest after uni life. Kuddos to that! Char's grown with me, and our friendship has grown too, into something more mature and with understanding over the 9 odd years we've known each other. The laughs won't stop, and neither will the yodelling. I am proud to say that she only yodels to me. Haah! Take that!

Anj, or Anjeannette, to use her full name, lives across the quad from me. It all started when one of her many luggages fell off the trolley at the airport and I helped her with it. A long bus ride and 3 hours later, we're neighbours in the new residence on campus and firm friends, agreeing on everything from the weather to how Tom Cruise's smile is the fakest there ever was. Anj's my shopping buddy (when James isn't chauffering me around), entertainment guru and tech-support all rolled into one. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Flick, Sydney and Max:
I'm a selective animal lover, loving only those that are irresistably adorable, do not smell (upon first encounter) and love me back. In my books, hamsters can do no wrong. Flick is my current hamster, a Sapphire Winter White who's a couple of months old. My previous hamsters (may they r.i.p) were Maddie, Hammie and Sammie. Yes yes, I was young. That's all I'm going to say about their names. Sydney's my 3 year old Bichon Frisé, very unoriginally named for the city after we came back from a trip there in 2000. Max is the latest addition, only a year old, and a bundle of Rough Collie energy.

Mutti and Vatti:
Mother and Father. Put two and two together. You get the picture. Need I say more? Appears soradically in blog entries. 'Nuff said.

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