[February 12, 2004]


I'm now officially a redhead.

Eyes: At the wheatgrass I'm growing out of a plastic cup that's going to be food for Flick
Ears: Paloma - Funky Bones
Mood: Tired (with a stiff neck from sitting upright too long at the salon)

My lovely little LB just froze on me and I had to forgo my previously half finished entry. Bah humbug.

As I was saying....

I just got myself a new mouse yesterday. Whooowheee. And it's a beautiful little Logitech one. For some reasons, I always go back to them for mice. Weird. It's not as if I've had any bad apples with any other brands, but hey, they're supposed to be good, and I haven't had any problems with them. *shrugs*

Right, so I got myself a new mouse. And I'm still not getting into the habit of using the page back/forward buttons that come with it. Hrm. Old habits die hard, I s'pose. IE has gotten me trained to going to the top left hand corner for those functions. Ooo ahh.

If you can't already tell, this is going to be pretty much an entry of mundane stuff. :)

Anyways. Was in the shower yesterday and all of a sudden, I decided I need a new mouse for my LB and got out and went out to get one. Just like that. Of course, it was fun (it always is!) to ride on the bus, and people watch too. And I got myself a new game at the same time. It's basically a re-release of a game that never really did take off in the market, and since it's now close to abandonware status, they're trying to make that last profit by selling it as a 'classic' at $20. Suits me fine. :) Happy with my purchases - got myself 3 new pens with hamster prints on them too - came home and went to the beach with the dogs. Cher came too, of course. That sis of mine never passes an opportunity to go to the seaside.

Was really funny, really. We were at the beach, right? And Cher naturally hankered for some fries from Mackers, as usual. I went and got her some, while getting an iced tea (regular) for meself, and she stayed outside with the dogs. Got the stuff and we headed off to a picnic table overlooking the waters to eat. Halfway through the bag of fries, she drops one on the table and decides to toss it out (which is a good thing, since goodness knows what has been on the surface) and right in the middle of a public park, under the bright lights of the street lamp, she tosses the fry behind her to the path beyond. (!!!!) I mean, hey, I do that too, but it's Singapore we're talking about here. Doing that in a public place could well possibly land you in a fluro vest sweeping up garbage from the sidewalks for a day. It was just ridiculously comical. Of course she realises the audacity of it all (hahah, like anyone really cares), and picks it back up and tosses it into the bin like all good moral and civic minded citizens of the 'Garden City' should. Heh.

Didn't do much today either. Went out to town with Mutti in the day. She had a doctor's appointment somewhere in the area, and I just tagged along with the intention of getting my locks trimmed and coloured. It's been a fair while since I last paid my crowning glory any attention, and it's starting to show. Sorely. I have washed out red hair from the middle of my strands to the tips, while new growth is starkingly black from the roots. Could look deliberately punk, if I didn't have split ends and have hair that could be mistaken as twigs since it's so dry. Anyhoos. No luck with the salons, since they look way out of my budget (hey, what was I thinking, I WAS in town) and looked dubious with aunties in floral capris and bad dye-jobs themselves behind the stylist's trolley. Mutti mentioned a new place that's just been opened somewhere near home, so went there after her appointment and lunch instead. For a trim and a colour, it's the longest 3 odd hours of my life. I mean, for $180++, I'll be expecting something radical, but no, it's just mediocre. It's a great trim though, you can tell that the stylist is good at it, but gawd, the colour was a let down. I wanted a red base with black streaks, and instead, I'm now a dark auburn. With the number of black streaks probably countable on one hand. Bleah. I'm heading back to Soho on Beaumont when I'm back at Newy. At least they do the red shade I love. :)

In other news, I've just found out that I might be able to move back into Bara early and don't have to wait for the Sunday before term starts. Whoohoo!! I now can have TWO days to unpack. Joy. Really can't wait to go back and start uni again. Not to mention to start going to the gym with Anj. Was so enthusiastic about it I even went and looked for gymwear with Mutti today, but gawd, I really should stop looking for clothes in SG (or even the whole of Asia, for that matter) because I'm a big girl and the majority of the asian female population here ain't. It's depressing, I tell you. But a motivation to shed those pounds and get into shape.

I wonder if Miss Selfridge and Topshop will start selling gymwear??

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