[February 08, 2004]


I found a gym-mate!

Eyes: Wendy Mass - A Mango-Shaped Space
Ears: Aim - Original Stuntmaster
Mood: Nice, nice, nice!

There's finally some peace and quiet at home, since the dogs are out at the groomers as I type.

Had a great talk with Anj over MSN yesterday. Started with me griping about James (which is becoming far too alarming a trend recently) and her about Matt, and somehow we drifted off to talking about working out and stuff. Found out that all throughout last year, as I seaching for a gym-mate, she was looking for one too. It's funny how of all the stuff we gab about, it's never occured for either of us to talking about going to the gym.

Anyway, she's just got herself a new excercise bike - where she's going to fit it in her room at Bara I have no clue. I mean, it's gonna be like a mini gym in there as it is, with her Total Gym and excercise ball. Heh. Oh well, she's always been better than me at having to work with space constraints. We've decided to get our memberships at the uni gym once I get back and start with cardio and weights. Ooooo, can't wait!! This is the year for losing those pounds! Now all I need is to clear my fridge of all junk. :(

Hrm. James has just came online on icq. Think I'll say hi. I'm feeling nice today for some reason. Still sick, with everything smelling burnt and food tasting like wet cardboard, but feeling nice. Maybe we can have a normal conversation today without any dramas and sappiness.

*fingers crossed*

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