[February 06, 2004]


Flu bug amongst other things.

Eyes: At Flick burrowing in his bedding looking for sunflower seeds
Ears: Sting - Fragile
Mood: Sick.

I've just experienced one of the worst days these holis. Down with the tummy flu and had a fever which hit a high of 39.6 deg c (which Anj joyously claims is now a REAL fever) yesterday. Not happy, Jan. Still woozy from all the meds, but at least I'm not shivering under the covers anymore today.

Talking to Anj on MSN now. She's talking about going down to Sydney to get her visa transferred over to her new passport. Wants me to go along with her, and I probably will. Can't wait! It's always fun to go shopping with her. We're two big city girls stuck in too quiet, and too rural a place like Newy and even though the beachscape is great, we're not surfies at heart, and would rather see skyscrapers than waves.

Besides, I think I'm having traffic induced smog-withdrawal.

I should be getting ready to head out to Boat Quay with Vi today, but I called up to cancel yesterday cos I didn't think I'll be up for it today. Would have been so much fun though, just sitting at Harry's and having a gab fest. Haven't met up with her in ages and am dying to find out how she is. Oh well, rescheduled for next week and promised to shout her for dinner since I feel bad for cancelling with her more than once. :)

The guys dealing with the roof leakage are supposed to be coming at 14.30, but have just rang to say they're held up and will only get here at 15:30. *sigh* I don't care how long it takes, I just want my room to stop having flaking paint on the walls!!! Damn it. It always happens to me.

On a brighter note, those idiots at the uni admin have finally gotten my salutation correct in the database!! WHOOHOOO!!!! For 3 long, painful years, I've gone from being a male and 'Mr.' on the forms and databases, to being female and STILL 'Mr.', And that's after countless trips to the counter asking them to change it. But now, no more!!! It's finally righted! Yes! I can now graduate in peace, knowing that on the day, I'll be called 'Miss' instead!

Unless they muck up something else...Grrrrrr.

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